Henning Karlsen UTFT Library update

I received and email from Henning Karlsen with details of the new UTFT library :

June 3, 2012 at 1:00 AM Updated UTFT…

A couple of updates today.

Updated UTFT to v1.3:
• added support for more display modules
• fixed a bug in the ITDB02-25H init

Updated tinyFAT to v3.0:
• added Arduino 1.0 support
• rewritten all the low-level functions
• fixed a bug making it possible to read past the first 32MB

Added UTFT_tinyFAT v1.0 which means that ITDB02_tinyFAT and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 has been discontinued as of today.

Sadly there is no updates on the problem with using the Mega 2560 ADK and LCD 2.8″ TFT TOUCH DISPLAY . It only adds support for 2 additional displays. So we still have a problem with very slow refresh rate on the screen. So please find the details to get them working on my previous post.