Henning Karlsen UTFT Library update

I received and email from Henning Karlsen with details of the new UTFT library :

June 3, 2012 at 1:00 AM Updated UTFT…

A couple of updates today.

Updated UTFT to v1.3:
• added support for more display modules
• fixed a bug in the ITDB02-25H init

Updated tinyFAT to v3.0:
• added Arduino 1.0 support
• rewritten all the low-level functions
• fixed a bug making it possible to read past the first 32MB

Added UTFT_tinyFAT v1.0 which means that ITDB02_tinyFAT and ITDB02_tinyFAT16 has been discontinued as of today.

Sadly there is no updates on the problem with using the Mega 2560 ADK and LCD 2.8″ TFT TOUCH DISPLAY . It only adds support for 2 additional displays. So we still have a problem with very slow refresh rate on the screen. So please find the details to get them working on my previous post.


What’s my IP?

I was looking at ways to connect to my home PC via RDP, but my IP keeps changing on my ADSL line. Telkom (incumbent in South Africa) makes sure that all ADSL modem gets a new IP address +- every 24 hours. So my first option was to use a feature on the ADSL modem to dynamically updating a DNS record every time my IP changes. This can be done with Dyn, but will cost you n few $ to get things going. This is the easiest way to manage change IP’s and then you can always connect to a domain name like “johnhome.dyndns.org” which points the the curernt IP address of the ADSL router.

Obviously I was looking for a cheaper/free way to get my current IP address. I have a hosting account with LunarPages and can use PHP to save the requesting IP address in a file on the server, which I can view anytime I need the current IP address of my ADSL router.

My “ip.php” file looks like this : Continue reading