Managing your Personal Budget On-line

To take control of your personal finances you need to have a clear view of what you get in and what you spend.

Online budget by ZAllison.com

Online budget

So I have always been keeping track of my income vs. my monthly expenses to make sure I don’t fall into a big hole of debt that I can’t get out of. I started out using a excel spreadsheet and works great, but the last year I have converted my personal budget to google docs and changed a lot to make it easy understand and update. So with my iPhone I can connect to this google docs spreadsheet and update my spending as and when it happens. This allows me to understand what I spend my money on and where I can change my habits to save more each month.

I have consolidated all my accounts into 1 account which I use to receive my income into and do all my spending from. This make is very simple to keep track of my current balance and wont stugle to see if I have a possible problem with overspending via multiple cards and accounts.

This spreadsheet is so useful to me I thought I publish it online for anyone to copy (File -> Make a copy…) and use for yourself, for free!! If you have any good change suggestion that might make it easier to use or just a bit better, please leave comments and I will add the changes into my published spreadsheet. Some things to help you get started: Continue reading