Managing my Files

Managing my important files has always been a bit of a challenge for me, but recently (actually the last few years) we are blessed with online cloud storage by multiple providers and now we can store all our files online and don’t have to worry about backups ever again. Then I have files that I would like to keep, but not to worried about losing the files, for example all my MP3s and music files that I converted from my CDs to harddrive. This takes a lot of space and took my many hours to convert, but if my hard-drive plans to go to hell, at least I still have the originals CDs and spend a few hours to convert to MP3 again.

Important files for online storage

The total amount of storage online is very limited for all the free accounts, and you might get between 1GB to 10GB free space on your free account. The major cloud storage players that I like to use is:

First I was introduced to Dropbox and this this is still my best online storage app, so I would suggest starting with Dropbox.

You can buy additional space if required, with some using a monthly subscription fee and others a yearly fee. Continue reading