How to create your own blog or website

Now that I’m experimenting with Google AdWords I should get some traffic directed to this page. You will find all the basic information to build your own website or blog, like this one, in a few easy steps. Please leave some comments below if you have any questions or need more detail and I will reply as soon as I can with some answers.

I have been creating all sorts of personal websites over the last 10 or more years of my life. To me it is more about knowing and understanding all the aspects of how to create a website, although I have made some good money with some of the websites. Its only a hobby and helps me understand the OS and systems side of IT web development and design.

If you think it difficult to start your own blog or create a personal website (like mine), you might be surprised how easy it actually is and you don’t even have to know HTML. I know all the basics to get started and I would like to share this with you. If you are looking for a easy way to get started you are on the correct webpage. More advance topics, and believe me you can go into a lot of detail and customization of your website, I might cover in a later posts. This post will give you a good idea what is required and how much it will cost you to setup a basic and affordable website.

The first thing you will need is a place to keep your website, which is call your hosting provider. This is where you will upload your files and webpages so everyone on the internet can access the files at any time of the day. You could technically host your files on your home PC, but very complicated and not always available or reliable when you decide to reboot your home PC or if the power goes out, so we’ll skip this option. Hosting your content (files and webpages) with a hosting service provider is the only time you will pay a small fee per month to get your site up and running.

A few things you’ll need to think about before you signup to a hosting service provider: Continue reading