Pachube renamed to Cosm

Connect to your worldI have posted before about Pachube which I will use to log data and visualize my data with simple graphs. They have now changed their name to Cosm, which is a lot better than Pachube in my opinion. The website looks a lot cleaner and the backend profile and feed user interface has improved a lot. “Cosm is everything you know and love about Pachube, with more power to connect and build the Internet of Things today.

You now have a console. Here’s mine. It’s for monitoring your own feeds in real-time and also other people’s. You might follow feeds created by fellow team members; or your family; or friends; or you might follow feeds created by people you don’t know, just because their data is important to you. This is where we expect you’ll spend most of your time, because it’s where all the action happens.

You can now add devices and create feeds much more easily. Got an Arduino? Just type in a title, and include some tags if you like. Plugging in a Current Cost Netsmart/Bridge? Just need your serial number. Twitter Stats feed? Piece of cake. Expect this to fill out over the next few months with more plug-and-play devices as we firm up agreements with the companies that have contacted us about our Commercial Provisioning Service. Interested to be part of this? Drop us a line.

The site is more real time. There is an activity panel that will let you know when a trigger has fired, or one of your feeds has received a comment, or someone is following you. You can use a more legible ‘debug’ panel to see, in real-time, how many API calls you’re making and what the individual HTTP requests were – in full detail. You can zoom down to 5 minute graphs. Our alpha testers have asked for grids: that makes sense, they’re coming soon.

Commenting is more integrated. You can follow other users, as well as just their feeds. You’ll be notified when significant things occur in your console. You can now create and manage OAuth 2.0 compliant apps directly from your console. Individual feed pages are more useful: you can mouseover graphs to read individual datapoints (‘Graph Builder’ still exists of course); see values at a glance; and set up twitter & HTTP triggers with just a few clicks.

The map is back! We lost it for a while, but there is now a global map that shows the location of the last 1000 public devices to update Cosm. In practice, given the millions of datapoints we handle per day, this means you’re only seeing a snapshot of the last few moments, but we’ll be building this out so that you can find all public feeds. More importantly, you can search it!

via Cosm :: blog: Pachube is now Cosm!.